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Bariatric Surgery Program

Guiding your path to success!

Bariatric & Metabolic Surgery Program


Concierge Bariatrics Comprehensive Obesity Management Program understands the lifelong commitment required for weight loss surgery patients and offers a variety of services to help patients before, during and after their procedures. Our operative facilities are recognized by the Metabolic and Bariatric surgery accreditation and quality improvement program (MBSAQIP) and Concierge Bariatrics is noted for the comprehensive nature of its services and for exceptional patient outcomes.


Through Concierge Bariatrics, individuals have access to the following:

  • Walk-in appointments with one-on-one consultation with Dr. Griffin before making the decision to receive weight loss surgery, or medically guided weight loss.
  • Regular appointments with Dr. Griffin to prepare for surgery and follow up post-surgery.
  • Dr. Griffin performs Robotic Gastric Sleeve at our weight loss surgery center of excellence at West Marion.  We have been awarded an A safety rating by Leapfrog.  (Cash pay patients welcomed and accepted)
  • Complementary weekly online and in person weight loss support groups and post-bariatric surgery education classes with our bariatric nurse coordinator and clinical dietician.
  • Bariatric Nutritionist support.
  • Cardiologist for medical clearance.
  • Clinical Psychological support for mind, body and soul.

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